CPA Global rebranding

MCL has successfully completed the delivery of the CPA Global rebranding.

MCL was “instrumental in helping drive the rebranding of CPA Global. Damian Mayer – their lead consultant has a focus which gets the job done without losing a practical and pragmatic approach to his role.” said Peter Richards, Global Marketing Manager at CPA Global.

MCL managed this programme “concerning a group of forty two companies as well as numerous legacy IS systems and processes which had to be reviewed and updated. It also involved active dialogue with the Senior Executive Team, which is spread throughout the world. Despite these significant practical challenges, Damian Mayer managed the programme effectively and met all the objectives on time and on budget. I am able to confirm, in my capacity as Director, Corporate Services (and Group Company Secretary) that the programme was a complete success. This outcome would not have been possible without the discipline that Damian Mayer brought to the programme.” said Chris Lintell, Director Corporate Services and Company Secretary