Education and training

Raising the competence of all the people involved in projects and programmes is a key element in improving programme and project management performance. While standard training course will establish a common language and an understanding of processes, they will not turn your project and programme managers into effective deliverers overnight.

We can “fast track” this step change in performance improvement by providing ongoing education. This includes the mentoring and coaching of key groups or individuals as well as the development and facilitation of tailored, focused training modules using practical approaches and techniques. We will also help you to establishdevelopment programmes for your project and programme management professionals.

Our training approach includes developing tailoring modules from our core set of training courses to fit your organisation, structure, process and culture. These fill the gaps in other standard “off the shelf” training courses, helping you focus training effort on areas in your team that need development. Our modules include practical approaches and techniques, case studies and workshop sessions brought alive by our Consultants who do this for a living using real-life examples to illustrate the theory.