Mentoring & Coaching

Attendance on a training course such as PRINCE2™ may equip your staff with a common language, set of processes and some techniques, but it won’t turn them into effective project managers overnight. That develops over time as the project manager puts what they have learnt into practice.

Many courses address the hard skills of project management but don’t address the personal aspects such as decision making, stakeholder management and dealing with issues including conflict situations. How often have you thought “I know what they said on the course, but… what does that mean in reality”.

We can help turn theory into reality by providing experienced staff to take you through the confidence barrier. We can help all levels of programme and project personnel to develop their knowledge and practical skills by hands on mentoring.

This could take the form of group mentoring through “surgeries” where individual members of staff can book time with an expert to discuss issues specific to their programme or project or could be a 1:1 mentoring / coaching relationship. The latter would have a defined set of objectives, timescale and a structured set of mentoring / coaching activities. The objectives could relate to their role on a specific programme or project e.g. mentoring a new Project Executive on a much higher risk project than they may have directed before.

Mentoring activities could range from being able to pick up the telephone to talk through a sticky situation with someone, through to 1:1 sessions (face to face, telephone or email support) to resolve specific issues as they arise, to attendance at meetings to shadow and feedback, or may include planned activities like facilitated start up workshops to demonstrate workshop and facilitation techniques.