Career Development Framework

Project Management is much more than the tasks carried out by a project manager. Project Management is a combination of the roles and responsibilities of individuals assigned to the project, the organisational structure that sets out clear reporting arrangements and the set of skills and processes to deliver the required outcome.

We can define a Career Development Framework for your programme and project management professionals, including programme office staff. The Framework will cover role responsibilities, types and control levels of project, skills and required competency levels, behaviours (linked to company or department values and behaviours), training and development and professional accreditations / qualifications.

The Framework can be linked into your HR and reward structures and your appraisal / personal development process. In developing the Career Development Framework, we can build on your internal role descriptions with skills and behaviours, use industry standard role descriptions with associated skills and behaviours or adapt OGC’s Successful Delivery Skills Framework.

There are a common set of skills and behaviours defined for all roles involved in the delivery of a programme or project. Each role will be expected to display a minimum required competency level for each skill and behaviour defined.

The competency will vary between roles and in order to progress to the next level, staff will be required to meet the minimum required competencies for that level, e.g. a junior project manager will understand what will be expected of them in terms of development, training and experience in order to progress to a project manager role.

The Framework may be used to assist in the assignment of staff to the project portfolio, matching skills to project type and complexity, the recruitment of new staff or to assist in the grading and development of current staff, as part of a staff appraisal process.