Recruitment Consultancy Service

Our experience, best practice knowledge and qualifications in managing change enable us to offer a recruitment consultancy service works which works for both permanent and contract project and programme management and project and programme office personnel. This is a service offered by MCL in order to free up busy managers and executives in the early time-consuming stages of recruitment.

We work with Clients to understand the roles needed and then utilise our partners and network of resource finders to find appropriate high-quality candidates. MCL will usually agree a candidate requirements definition with the Client and then sift candidates using structured interview(s) and competency assessments. These examine each candidate’s competencies in depth.

Our interviews and competency assessments are also structured to ensure that candidates fit the Client’s culture. We are happy for any member of the Client’s management team or HR to attend our interviews and competency assessment sessions.

MCL set the competency targets very high in order to ensure that only high quality candidates are put before a Client for consideration.

We will put forward candidates for consideration by the Client for final interview(s) only those candidates that we are absolutely sure meet the Client’s requirements and organisational culture.