Delivering solutions that will meet the stakeholders’ requirements and tailored to fit the Client’s organisation, structure and culture are MCL fundamental principles. Our solutions fall into three broad areas of work. These can be delivered individually or together as a total performance improvement solution. We will invest the time and energy needed to understand the stakeholders’ specific needs and desired outcomes.

We are dedicated to helping our Clients deliver Best Practice in project and programme management. We do this by providing Healthchecks, testing for maturity model compliance, developing project and programme management methods or frameworks tailored to your organisation structure, processes and culture and helping you to establish high quality programme and project offices. We will also rescue projects and programmes if necessary.

As people are so important for success in business today, we will also help the project and programme personnel in our Client organisations measurably improve their performance – Education and Training.

To support our activities in Education and Training and Best Practice, we are also able to provide under People Support a recruitment service for permanent or contract project and programme personnel — utilising our small network of proven high quality resourcing specialists. We can help you define Career Development Frameworks for your programme and project management professionals, including programme office staff. These include a common set of skills and behaviours defined for all roles involved in the delivery of a programme or project with the minimum required competency level for each skill and behaviour defined.