Health Checks

We are regularly asked to carry out a Healthcheck of small and large projects or programmes, either for PRINCE2™, Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) or maturity model compliance. These often lead to MCL providing rescue advice or defining a recovery programme.

The Healthcheck will include an examination of all current documentation and processes used to manage the project or programme, examine best practice currently available and whether it can be embedded into the project or programme and audit a small number of projects or programmes to examine whether reality matches the theory.

Our Healthchecks will result in a written, detailed and impartial analysis of the project or programme being reviewed. It provides a clear understanding of the issues and opportunities and will recommend action to ensure delivery, prioritised to ensure early performance improvement.

Healthchecks may also be used by senior managers to determine whether a project or programme should continue and also used to provide an impartial view of a project or programme while a project or programme is under way to assess if it will meet its objectives – deliver!

Post implementation reviews are a much neglected facet of delivering change. We can also offer independent post implementation assessments utilizing workshops to tease out lessons learnt, reduce “blame cultures” and engender good working relationships between all stakeholder groups.