Maturity Model Assessments

MCL can provide an independent assessment of your organisation’s portfolio, programme and project management capability against OGC’s Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Maturity Model (P3M3) allowing you to address weaknesses and understand recurring problems. If your project management method is based on PRINCE2™ we can also review your processes against the more specific PRINCE2 Maturity model(P2MM).

The independent assessment will provide an objective demonstration of your organisation’s project management capabilities often leading to significant competitive advantage for suppliers. Many organisations are now using maturity model compliance in bids and sales literature.

We can provide a “quick look” assessing where you are now and where the gaps exist in your capabilities, developing recommendations and an action plan to improve performance or achieve formal certification.

Following an assessment, our approach to capability development will provide the tools, techniques required, coupled with mentoring, coaching and training delivery if required, to take an organisation through to achieving APMG certification.

Formal maturity model assessments can only be carried out by Registered Consultants working through licensed Accredited Consultancy Organisations (ACOs). We can source, through our associate network, Registered Consultants to carry out both P3M3 and P2MM maturity model assessments.

Level 1
Initial Process
Level 2
Repeatable Process
Level 3
Defined Process
Level 4
Managed Process
Level 5
Optimised Process
Can the organisation recognise projects and run them differently from its on-going business? Does the organisation ensure that each project is run with its own processes and procedures to a minimum specified standard? Does the organisation have its own centrally controlled project processes and can individual projects flex within these processes to suit the particular project ? Does the organisation obtain and retain specific measurements on its project performance and run a Quality Management organisation? Does the organisation run continuous process improvements and with proactive Problem and Technology management?

NOTE: PRINCE2™ maturity levels in green